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Pieter Boon

Pieter aimed to be a NBA star in his early days, but eventually hooked himself up in the sports business. Through his business, he has been distributing sports supplies to more than fifty schools in Arizona. He is well knowledged about basketball brands; and is their harshest critique.

Through Layuphoops, he shall help you with useful information regarding the quality of basketball products, recommended stores, price comparisons, and purchase guidance.


Jeremy Kliewer

Jeremy has a big crush on basketball since childhood. In fact it won’t be wrong to say that basketball is his first love. His mentor was his own father who first taught him to play basketball. Throughout high school, he was was the basketball champion.

Jeremy is now a professional basketball coach. Along with good physical and mental health, he believes basketball has a lot more to offer, such as maintaining team spirit and such other life lessons. He is also a great NBA analyst and writes about it during his free time. Through Layuphoops, Jeremy will be sharing his insights and opinions on basketball skills, latest basketball news and such other commentaries.