Basketball Court with Dimensions

Basketball Court Dimensions

Basketball is played globally. Like any other game, International Basketball has laid down standard basketball court dimensions. Basketball court measurements give comprehensive guidelines on how to play the game. For you to master the basketball court easily, you can analyze basketball half-court dimensions. The basketball court is divided into two […]

Basketball Workouts Plan


Whether you’re looking to get back in shape for basketball, improve your vertical, improve your athleticism, or whatever, you can find what you need on Here are some basketball workouts to help you out. As I’m writing this, it’s early fall, so the basketball season is about to start […]

Basketball Tips for Shooting

Basketball Tips For Shooting

Basketball shooting tips will help you increase your shooting percentage and overall scoring efficiency through better decision making. Offcourse I can’t talk about basketball shooting tips without going through the principles of “BEEF,” but shooting “R-O-B-O-T” principles will also be discussed. Here are the acronyms in short: B: Balanced E: Eyes E: Elbow […]