Basketball Hoop Safety

A home basketball court is a great place to exercise, have fun, and build memories with your family. But you still have to remember that as with any vigorous physical activity there is a risk of injury.

Fortunately, you can reduce this danger just by identifying the most common risks and taking action against them.

Risk: Colliding The Pole

This is always a risk, especially if you have a relatively small playing area if you have a hoop with a small offset.

If you are an aggressive player who loves hard-driving layup shots, then hitting the pole becomes more likely. While most bumps with the pole aren’t serious, running into the site at full speed might cause bruising.

The Solution

Get the hoop with the biggest offset you can afford. You should also invest in a pole pad that wraps around your pole. This is simply a pad made of soft foam wrapped in vinyl. If someone collides with the pole, their blow will be cushioned by the pad and minimize the risk of injury.

When purchasing your pole pad, make note of the size and shape of your pole. A pole pad meant for a four-inch square pole won’t fit on a three and a half-inch pole, and vice versa.

Risk: Ball Rolling Into The Street

As anyone who has played basketball on their street can attest, the ball doesn’t always go where you want it to go. In fact, if you don’t control your ball, you might spend more time running after the ball than actually playing.

If your ball rolls in the street where cars might be driving by, this can pose a risk for both your ball and anyone who goes running after it.

The Solution

Purchase a Rollback net to catch the ball should it start to roll anywhere you don’t want it to go. Simply install this netting anywhere that a rolling ball presents a risk, and you’ll be protected.

There are also models that you can install behind the net to prevent airballs from going astray.

Risk: Uneven Playing Surface

If your property is older, you might see bumps or cracks in your driveway. While that usually isn’t a problem, it can create a hazard when people are running around and playing basketball.

Bumps in the road from age or uprising tree roots can cause a serious tripping hazard.

The Solution

You might want to consider hiring a contractor to fix your driveway before you install your basketball hoop. Let them know that you want a flat, even playing surface for your hoop.

Most are able to make repairs that give you a nice, even and perfectly safe place to play some hoops.