Basketball Hoop Rim Adjustment

The regulation height of a basketball rim (in NBA, college, and even high school courts) is 10 feet. However, not everyone is comfortable playing ball with a rim at the regulation height.

You may want to lower the rim in order to accommodate younger players or even just to make it easier to live your slam dunk fantasies.

For this reason, almost all residential basketball hoops come with a method of adjusting the basketball rim.

Here are a few of the most common ways you can adjust the height of the rim to a height that is comfortable for you.

Telescoping Basketball Adjustment

The most basic adjustment system is the telescoping adjustment system. This is where the part of the pole that attaches the backboard slides into the bottom part of the pole, and they are secured together by a screw.

To adjust the rim up and down you simply remove the screw, slide the rim to your desired height, and screw the two pieces back together. This typically allows you to adjust the rim from seven and a half feet up to ten feet in six-inch increments.

While these systems are inexpensive, the downside is that they have no overhang since the backboard attaches directly to the pole.

Broomstick Adjustment

The next most sophisticated system is the “broomstick adjustment” system. On systems with this adjustment, the backboard is attached to the pole with brackets.

A ratchet mechanism near the brackets allows you to move your pole to the desired height with a broomstick or any long pole. Simply place the pole in the ratchet mechanism, unlock it, and then move it to any height of your choosing.

One-Hand Adjustment System

If you want to get an easier adjustment system, you might try the one-hand adjustment system. These systems have a handle with a trigger that attaches to the backboard.

When you want to change the height of the rim, press on the trigger, move the handle to change the height and release. These systems are much easier because they allow you to adjust the height of the rim in a matter of a couple of seconds.

Gas-Assisted Adjustment System

These systems are similar to the one hand adjustment systems, but they have a gas compression system that makes rim adjustment even easier.

Since the compression system does some of the work for you, moving the basketball hoop to your desired height is so simple, even a child can do it on their own.

Rather than forcing you to adjust the hoop in six-inch increments, these hoops can be adjusted in “infinite” increments. So you can adjust the basketball hoop to any height that you desire.

This is the best choice if you want to get the easiest basketball hoop adjustment system possible.

Crank Adjustment System

On some larger systems, such as the Goalsetter basketball goals, there is a crank adjustment system. On these systems, you simply turn the crank to raise or lower the basketball hoop to any height that you want.